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Baby Steps – Embracing Small Steps to Success with a 30 Day Challenge to Accomplish Anything

30 Day Challenge to Accomplish Anything. In order to achieve massive goals, you need to make massive changes. That’s what we’ve always assumed, anyway. Important people did amazing things because they had more: more energy, more time, more dedication. But in reality, what most important or influential people actually have is patience. They have the ...

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The Three Pillar Resources: Time, Money, and Energy

Often we can find ourselves stumbling through a day, exhausted. Our work feels draining, our meal times aren’t refreshing, and our nights are spent tossing and turning. This often comes from a lack of balance, and that lack of balance can be corrected if we think of our lives in terms of having three resources ...

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Tips to Help Your Children Get Rich With a Roth IRA

We all want to give our kids the best life possible, and a big part of that is helping them learn to save money and handle their finances responsibly. As a parent, you want to make sure that your child’s financial future is stable and that they are able to retire comfortably someday. If your ...

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Steps to Encourage Your Child’s Creativity

Arts classes or pricey STEM-themed toys may entice parents who want their children to be more creative. These things can certainly assist, but as a psychologist who has studied creativity extensively and written numerous books about it, I can reference more than 70 years of creativity study to come up with additional ideas that are ...

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Seek the wisdom and knowledge of others who have been there before – the power of Mentors

If you pay attention to the careers of the people at the pinnacle of their field, Mark Zuckerberg, Bob Dylan, Oprah Winfrey, they all point to someone who mentored them into and through their success. For Zuckerberg, it was the late Steve Jobs, when Jobs passed away Zuckerberg wrote this on his wall: “Steve, thank ...

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Think bigger

Think Bigger, Ask Better (and More Absurd) Questions

Billionaire Peter Thiel (co-founder of PayPal) told CNBC in an interview that one of the things he wishes he could have told his younger self is that there is no need to wait. “I went to college. I went to law school. I worked in law and banking, though not for terribly long. But not ...

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Personal Karma’s 10 Steps to Financial Freedom and Personal Financial Wealth

Are you sick of not being wealthy, or maybe worse yet - just barely making it to your next paycheck? Do you find yourself frustrated at how little money is left over for saving even though you make way more money than you did several years ago?  Is debt, or the Fear of Debt, constant ...

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How You Do Anything is How You Do Everything

Despite what people around you might say, diligence and dedication to even the most seemingly unimportant tasks do more than just reveal your character: it predicts your success. How you do anything is how you do everything. There are plenty of jobs that people might find themselves doing which they’d prefer not to. But one ...

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The Power of Owning Your Own Choices

Choosing Crossroad In the past few years, the ideas of systems and the impact they have on individual lives have entered prominently into public awareness. For the first time, many people started to recognize these massive structures of power, police forces, government, massive corporations with billion dollar ad budgets and began to ask questions about ...

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What would you do if you couldn’t fail?

The one thing you want more than anything else in the world but haven’t gotten yet, what if it was impossible for you to fail at it? What if you could do anything and you know you wouldn’t fail? “The possibilities are endless! Or are they? Did only one or two ideas pop into your mind? ...

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What does it mean that perception is reality?

Human vision is surprisingly subjective. Anyone who has ever sat in front of a phoropter (that’s the machine with all the little lenses an optometrist uses) has experienced this. In my most recent appointment the doctor showed me two different lenses I took turns looking through with my right and my left eye: When I ...

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Why We Lose Motivation

Why We Lose Motivation and How to Fix Once and For All At first, it was glorious, there was energy and drive to push as far as needed to get progress because the work seemed worth it. Then, suddenly, inexplicably, you found yourself putting things off, or wanting to. The project that once put a fire ...

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