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Baby Steps – Embracing Small Steps to Success with a 30 Day Challenge to Accomplish Anything


30 Day Challenge to Accomplish Anything. In order to achieve massive goals, you need to make massive changes. That’s what we’ve always assumed, anyway. Important people did amazing things because they had more: more energy, more time, more dedication. But in reality, what most important or influential people actually have is patience. They have the ...

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How You Do Anything is How You Do Everything

Despite what people around you might say, diligence and dedication to even the most seemingly unimportant tasks do more than just reveal your character: it predicts your success. How you do anything is how you do everything. There are plenty of jobs that people might find themselves doing which they’d prefer not to. But one ...

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The Power of Owning Your Own Choices

Choosing Crossroad In the past few years, the ideas of systems and the impact they have on individual lives have entered prominently into public awareness. For the first time, many people started to recognize these massive structures of power, police forces, government, massive corporations with billion dollar ad budgets and began to ask questions about ...

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What does it mean that perception is reality?

Human vision is surprisingly subjective. Anyone who has ever sat in front of a phoropter (that’s the machine with all the little lenses an optometrist uses) has experienced this. In my most recent appointment the doctor showed me two different lenses I took turns looking through with my right and my left eye: When I ...

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Why We Lose Motivation

Why We Lose Motivation and How to Fix Once and For All At first, it was glorious, there was energy and drive to push as far as needed to get progress because the work seemed worth it. Then, suddenly, inexplicably, you found yourself putting things off, or wanting to. The project that once put a fire ...

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Does negative thinking change your brain?

In short, yes. There are scores of reasons for why this is true, and the consequences can be far ranging and difficult to overcome. But, with a little neurological know-how and some discipline, even the most pessimistic and neurotic among us can learn to undo these patterns of negative thinking and undo many of those ...

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