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Overcoming the Hedonic Treadmill

  The Hedonic Treadmill is a term in psychology which refers to a pattern of behavior where the unusually impactful events of our lives, a death in the family, winning the lottery, et cetera, may cause a temporary spike or dip  in our happiness but that overall our levels of happiness do not change much as ...

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The Importance of Clarity of Vision

Vision, when not referring to the literal definition of one’s ability to see, refers to an ability to think about and/or imagine what your future could be, and what practical steps need to be taken in order to get there. Clarity of vision, then, is knowing what future state it is that you want and ...

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The Three Pillar Resources: Time, Money, and Energy


Often we can find ourselves stumbling through a day, exhausted. Our work feels draining, our meal times aren’t refreshing, and our nights are spent tossing and turning. This often comes from a lack of balance, and that lack of balance can be corrected if we think of our lives in terms of having three resources ...

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Words are Seeds and Bullets

Biblically speaking, the universe was created by God using words. Basically, everything that exists began with somebody saying something from their minds, establishing a reality. If sticks and stones may break our bones, a single word can pierce right through our heart and mind. One word can change someone’s perspective for a moment, or maybe even ...

Life Perceptions to live by and keep you happy

Life Perceptions to live by and keep you happy [pdf-embedder url=""] Want to use this infographic on your site? <a href=""><img src="" /></a>

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